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ecom specialist service description

I’ve spent the past decade connecting dots. Like all of us, navigating an ever rapid, evolving landscape.  

Innovation and strategy in ecom, marketing, advertising and audience growth is my bread and butter. 

From site design and dev to content creation, understanding macro goals through micro routes is my forte. Deconstruct the complex to create simple paths forward.

In short, I analyze, decipher, organize, strategize, design, develop, brand, market, reanalyze.

Current Focus
Shopify – Meta Advertising

Past Titles
Ads Specialist, Marketing Designer, Lead Developer, Project Manager, Operations Manager, Curriculum Designer.

“My hero.” – “Couldn’t be happier.” – “Holy cow!” – “My guy!”

“Cassius” – “Tony” – “Chutney” –  “IT Clay” – “Internet wizard”

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